Corporate Catering and Special Events

We are always looking for new and exciting events to share our mini-donuts and specialty desserts with the world. If you would like to invite So Fresh Doughnut Co to your event, please email us at, or call us directly at 855-244-1555 or 203-559-1751.

“Let us supply our mini doughnuts for your special event! We can provide specialized color and flavor themes for weddings, birthdays, showers and promotional events. Our doughnuts are always a big hit – we can even deliver.”


So Fresh Donut Crew

Our top quality ingredients produce an aroma when cooking that you can’t resist. Your family, friends, coworkers, and clients will follow the aroma to the source. You’ll be making new memories, closing deals and putting mouth-watering smiles on peoples’ faces.

Our Doughnuts are ALWAYS fresh! We make to order so our bakers are constantly creating tasty gourmet specialties.


Minis On Demand – We’ve got the remedy

In most cases we can provide Large Last Minute Orders for catering and corporate demands.   We come through to show your clients and loved ones that you care to share the very best experiences with them.